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IoT remote authorization management Bluetooth Cabinet Lock

  • IT604B

  • JTIC

IoT remote authorization management Bluetooth Cabinet Lock
Bluetooth cabinet lock, APP Bluetooth lock, Bluetooth electronic lock
The managed IoT smart cabinet lock independently designed and developed by Jintai uses the background monitoring system to supervise and manage in real time and report detection information. It can be directly controlled remotely through the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone APP, or remotely authorized to control unlocking or unlocking. Guansuo can also support multiple languages ​​and can be widely used.
The entire system uses ios digital encryption and military data AES 128-bit dynamic encryption technology to accurately record the data statistics of users, usage time, and usage location; at the same time, it accurately records the usage status of all devices, such as coordinates, power, time, etc., to facilitate The management unit obtains all data as big data data analysis to further optimize equipment management and quality.
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The product is safe and reliable, easy to operate, and has multi-national patents. It can also accept customized NB functions, 4G, and 485 extended functions; customers can apply their own backend, or use the customized backend control and management branched out by Jintai.The hardware installation part can directly replace the lock body of the traditional cabinet without having to open new holes, and supports emergency unlocking with mechanical keys.
The products are suitable for various types of telecommunications cabinets, financial terminal equipment, vending machines, game consoles, display cabinets, advertising boxes, mailboxes, lockers, etc.
Product Features
Zinc alloy lock body, sand-butyric chrome surface treatment, each lock comes with 2 keys.
Imitation C-class anti-theft lock core.
Provide JTIC APP.
Unlocking method: key, mobile APP
Situational use: Device door lock, with authorization, maintenance records and other customized management.
Management mode: APP and background management system.
Suitable for traditional mechanical Cam Lock keyholes.
The new battery can continuously open and close the lock more than 2000 times.
LED lights and beeps guide operations.
Ultra-low standby function.
Low battery reminder function.
Micro USB for emergency power supply.
RoHS compliant.
Product specifications/parameters
Appearance size: Ø54mm x 45mm
Unlocking method: Bluetooth, mechanical key
Communication specifications: Bluetooth 2.4GHz
Waterproof/dustproof: IP54
Lightning protection: motor isolation method
Anti-static: 8Kv
Rated voltage: DC3v ~ 6v ± 20%
Working current: 150mA
Working temperature: -20℃ ~ 75℃
Working humidity: < 95%RH
Standby current: < 20uA
Battery specifications: 4 AA batteries
Number of switches: > 50,000 times
Emergency power supply: USB power supply
Unlock records: no capacity limit
Unlock permission: no time/distance restrictions
Unlocking distance: Within the range of Bluetooth signal reception
Drive mode: motor drive
Ordering information
You can use drawings, samples, etc. to confirm product specifications before placing an order.
After the order is established, order cancellation or order content changes can be accepted within 7 days from the date of order receipt.
Delivery time: The estimated delivery time for standard product orders within 3,000 PCS is 45 days.
The minimum order quantity of the product is set to 500PCS/LOT, and orders under the 'price based on quantity' model are also accepted (please discuss the details with the salesperson).
Products can be customized according to customer needs, such as: number of key number sets, parts configuration, wire welding processing, surface treatment, key extraction position, and added shockproof, dustproof, anti-static and other functions.
Meets UL certification and complies with RoHS 2.0 (2011/65/EU) standards.
Test reports for specified projects can be provided according to customer requirements.

Introduction to Jintai IoT remote authorization management Bluetooth Cabinet Lock
Jin Tay Industries Co., LTD. is a professional IoT remote authorization management Bluetooth Cabinet Lock design and manufacturing company in Taiwan with more than 40 years of experience.We were founded in 1980. In the field of manufacturing various locks and related hardware parts, Jintai provides professional and high-quality IoT remote authorization management Bluetooth Cabinet Lock manufacturing services. Jintai can always meet customers' various quality requirements. .
Jintai invites you to browse our products and services and contact us immediately.

Sales method: manufacturing, cooperation, export
Sales target market: Taiwan, global
Payment method for inquiry: TT wire transfer

competitive characteristics
Diverse designs: Jin Tay Industries Co., LTD. provides IoT remote authorization management Bluetooth Cabinet Lock diversified designs
IoT remote authorization management Bluetooth Cabinet Lock accepts original factory commissioned design and manufacturing ODM
IoT remote authorization management Bluetooth Cabinet Lock accepts original factory entrustment for OEM manufacturing