Quality And Environmental Protection

Jintai is equipped with complete testing equipment
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Quality and environmental protection

Quality management
JinTay is being from the general manager down to the production line employees who must meet customer requirements and do things right at the first time.

We have completed ISO 9001 quality system, UL product certification and green environmental protection projects all that perform by specialist's persons who responsible for RoHS and REACH SVHC management.

The Main Measurement And Reliability Equipment:

1. Automated Optical Inspection Tester
2. Colorimeter
3. Halogen Moisture Analyzer
4. X-ray Fluorescence Film Thickness Gauge
5. Elemental Analyzer Machine
6. Frequency Power Tester
7. Tensile Strength Tester
8. Thermometer
9. Paint layer thickness meter
10. Insulation Resistance Tester
11. Hipot Tester
12. Hardness Tester
13. Tester
14. CCD intelligent viewer
15. Salt-Spray Tester
16. Switch Lock Test Machine
17. Digital Torque Latch Tester
18. Various lock products Life Tester