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Jintai - a professional manufacturer that designs and manufactures various types of locks and hardware.
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Address : No. 480, Section 3, Mingzhi Road, Taishan District, New Taipei City 243092
Telephone : (+886) 2-2907-1129
Fax : (+886) 2-2902-3039

About Jin Tay Industries Co., LTD.

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Being One focuses on Asia and looks at the world, Jintai is your best choice

Develop a series of keyless locks, combine locks with Bluetooth and NFC, control them through the cloud system, and even provide customized services to meet different needs.

Jintai's products include various types of power switch locks, mechanical locks, cabinet locks, TSA travel security locks, computer security locks, etc. In recent years, Jintai has developed a series of smart fingerprint Padlock, electronic cabinet locks and electronic door locks, as well as cloud Management system for the Internet of Things.In order to make the concept of protecting security more comprehensive, we strive to combine technology, innovation and convenience, and continue to develop various types of locks that can be widely used. We are your best choice for locks and hardware products.

Address: No. 480, Section 3, Mingzhi Road, Taishan District, New Taipei City 243092   Phone: (+886) 2-2907-1129 Fax: (+886) 2-2902-3039
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