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IT803F-TS fingerprint identificationTSA Padlock

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Fingerprint identificationTSA Padlock
Fingerprint password lock, smart touch lock
The TSA-certified fingerprint password customs lock can be easily and quickly unlocked in 0.2 seconds without a key or password. Your finger is your portable decoder. You can register up to 30 sets of fingerprint identification records for easy use with family or friends.
Zinc alloy solid metal body and body, with anti-static device and IP67 waterproof and dustproof function to prevent failure or surface damage and corrosion.It uses a micro USB rechargeable 50mA lithium battery with low power consumption, can open and close the lock 1500 times continuously, and can quickly replenish power.
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The TSA-certified customs lock is easy to carry and can be used on luggage produced by various brands. It is also suitable for hundreds of airports around the world. Your luggage can be locked to protect your belongings without having to worry about being intercepted by customs security personnel. destroy.
Product Features
Zinc alloy body.
Aluminum decorative panels.
Iron hook, heat treatment, chrome plating.
360-degree capacitive fingerprint recognition at any angle.
50mA lithium battery, can open and close the lock 1500 times continuously.
Micro USB fast charging.
Quickly identify and unlock.
TSA design.
RoHS compliant.
Product specifications/parameters
Waterproof grade: IP54
160 x 160 pixels.
Resolution 508 dpi.
False acceptance rate (FAR, false acceptance rate): 1/1000000
Rejection rate (FRR, false rejection rate): 1.5%
Recognition time: 0.2 seconds
Number of fingerprints: 30 fingerprints can be stored
Anti-static: 8KV
Ordering information
You can use drawings, samples, etc. to confirm product specifications before placing an order.
After the order is established, order cancellation or order content changes can be accepted within 7 days from the date of order receipt.
Delivery time: The estimated delivery time for standard product orders within 3,000 PCS is 45 days.
The minimum order quantity of the product is set to 500PCS/LOT, and orders under the 'price based on quantity' model are also accepted (please discuss the details with the salesperson).
Products can be customized according to customer needs, such as: number of key number sets, parts configuration, wire welding processing, surface treatment, key extraction position, and added shockproof, dustproof, anti-static and other functions.
Meets UL certification and complies with RoHS 2.0 (2011/65/EU) standards.
Test reports for specified projects can be provided according to customer requirements.

Introduction to Jintai Fingerprint IdentificationTSA Padlock
Jin Tay Industries Co., LTD. is a professional fingerprint identification TSA Padlock design and manufacturing company in Taiwan with more than 40 years of experience.We were founded in 1980. In the field of manufacturing various locks and related hardware parts, Jintai provides professional and high-quality fingerprint identification TSA Padlock manufacturing services. Jintai can always meet customers' various quality requirements.
Jintai invites you to browse our products and services and contact us immediately.

Sales method: manufacturing, wholesale, cooperation, retail, export
Export trade terms: CIF delivery terms including freight and insurance, DDU delivery terms before destination tax, FOB delivery on board terms at port of departure, FOR delivery price on train
Sales target market: Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore
Payment method for inquiry: TT wire transfer

competitive characteristics
Excellent quality: JTICIT803F-TS fingerprint identification made of zinc alloy TSA Padlock
Diverse designs: Jin Tay Industries Co., LTD. provides diversified designs for IT803F-TS fingerprint identification TSA Padlock
IT803F-TS fingerprint identification TSA Padlock accepts original factory commissioned design and manufacturing ODM
IT803F-TS fingerprint identification TSA Padlock accepts original factory entrustment for OEM manufacturing