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3 Digital Wheels Photo Type TSA Travel Safety Certification Custom Lock

  • CP503-TS

Digital Wheels Lock, Travel Safety Lock, Backpack Lock, Shackle Lock, Picture Lock
TSA CUSTOM LOCK for photo type is 3 digital wheels resettable mechanism design. There are 1000 sets of number changing combinations. Safe and convenient design that is easy to set with keyless.
The products of this series ware certified and controlled by Travel sentry. When the customs officer the luggage who can use the corresponding open tooling to open the lock for inspection, so the lock will not be damaged and can be used repeatedly.
The design of the number combination is easy to check the number. Keyless design, you can set your favorite or easy to remember exclusive number. Convenient and safe. The feature of this product is that you can put your favorite photos or business cards in the transparent cassette on the main body…etc. Easy to pick up your luggage without worrying about losing your luggage. The color, style or packaging of the product can be customized or provide the dealers without TSA certification to us. We are very glad to develop design or OEM together.
This lock ware used for luggage, handbags, golf bags, briefcases and backpacks, lockers in gyms or dormitories, computer bags, laptop bags...etc. The package can make as exquisite or practical that suitable for personal use or as a gift.
TSA custom certificationCommon to any national security inspection center caused baggage inspection without damaged.
3 digital wheels resettable mechanism with 1000 sets of number changing combinations.
Zinc alloy material with black and silver for standard colorColor customed available.
Bright chrome iron shackle (4.0mm).
Strength test: 20KGF; Surface salt spray test: 24 hours
Dimension: W35 x H68 x D12 mm
Reliable, safe, and easy to open lock without carrying the keyPlastic card holder can put photos or business cards.
Order Information
Refer to drawings, samples, etc. as the confirmation of product specification before placing the order.
After the order confirmed, the cancellation of the order or change the order contents can be allowed within 7 days from the date of receiving the order.
Delivery time: Estimated delivery time for standard product orders of 3,000pcs is within 45 days.
The minimum order quantity of the product is 500PCS/lot, and the order of "price based on quantity" also can be accepted (for details, please negotiate with the salesman)
Products can be customized according to customer requirements, as: Key combination, parts configuration, wire soldering process, surface treatment, key extraction position, adding anti-vibration, dust-proof, anti-static, and other functions.
UL approval and RoHS 2.0 (2011/65/EU) compliant.
The test report of the specified project can be provided according to the customer requested.